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Hanfu in UK is a Chinese Hanfu Buyers Shop founded by two Hanfu enthusiasts and content creators. We hold a range collection of Hanfu, accessories and shoes. We inspired by the Chinese traditional culture and aim to work together alone with others to introduce the world our fascinating traditional culture.


“Ban Sheng Luo Shang” is an original Chinese brand under the “Han Su” banner that specializes in traditional style clothing. The brand aims to integrate Hanfu into modern life, focusing on the comfort of the fabric, the practicality of the garment and the aesthetics at the same time. Although it is a young brand, with the superiority of fabrics and cost performance, it also has a certain popularity in the industry. We also actively advocate: based on traditional culture and innovation as a means to actively integrate the traditional culture of Hanfu into modern life, so that more people can understand the charm of traditional Chinese culture from the clothing culture.

Hua Zhao Ji

 “Hua Zhao Ji” Hanfu, whose name originates from the birthday of flowers, is a women’s Hanfu  clothing brand that focuses on fresh literary style. The brand refers to cultural relics and traditional colour schemes to launch traditional Hanfu designs, and is keeping up with the times to create a fashionable Han style, constantly launching a variety of styles such as daily Han elements and national fashion.

Hua Shen Miao

Hua Shen Miao, an Chinese original designer brand, specialises in Qing Dynasty restored women's clothing. The products are mainly made with traditional Chinese crafts such as Beijing embroidery, Suzhou embroidery, gold couching embroidery and so on. The products are not only sold well in China, but also loved by overseas customers in the UK, USA, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia for the high quality and original designs.

Yun Jian Shan Ze

Yun Jian Shan Ze, a women's Hanfu clothing brand that focuses on young and cute styles. The brand is based on the traditional Hanfu form, close to daily life, and continues to introduce appropriate Hanfu for modern wear. Based on traditional culture and innovative designs, we strive to integrate traditional Hanfu culture with modern life, so that everyone can experience the cultural charm brought by traditional Hanfu.

Yan Shan Ting

Yan Shan Ting, the original Chinese Hanfu brand. The brand products include women's Hanfu clothing, men's Hanfu clothing and children's Hanfu clothing. The brand has been established for 11 years and has participated in many large-scale activities. The brand's Taobao shop has 1000k+ fans.

Yan Bin Sha

Yanbin Sa Hanfu is an original Hanfu brand created in 2017. It was founded with the intention of promoting traditional Chinese clothing and making more people understand the culture of Hanfu, as well as integrating Hanfu into everyone's daily life. After a few years of hard work, we have developed a traditional Hanfu wedding dress series, an everyday Hanfu series and a modified version of the Han element series. In the future, we hope that more and more people will like Hanfu and understand it, and that the traditional culture of the Han nation will last far and wide. We are constantly enriching and growing, and will continue to bring you more beautiful Hanfu at a better price.

Yun Shen Wu Qian

Yun Shen Wu Qian, mainly selling Chinese style accessories, products include Chinese style hair accessories and so on. The brand has more than 330k fans on Taobao.

Shi Chun Ju

Shi Chun Ju, specialising in ancient Chinese lotus bags, hanging decorations.


The inspiration for the brand name came from the scenery of the pavilion standing by the Liujiang River at night. It is a Hanfu accessories fashion brand founded by a group of young artists who have a great passion for hand-craft and Chinese traditional clothing Hanfu in Liuzhou city, Guangxi, China, in 2019. With their unique designs and sense of aesthetic, this young brand has become one of the well-known brands within the Hanfu society and is liked by many Hanfu enthusiasts.


The brand name comes from the verse ‘揽将春深处,青山入我怀’ and it was founded by a young artist who is deeply inspired by Chinese traditional culture. She designs and hand-makes ‘chan hua’ (twined flower) and ‘rong hua’ hair accessories, which are one of the delicate art in Chinese culture and intangible cultural heritage of China.

Chen Xiang Chinese Style

As an original brand, Chen Xiang Chinese Style focuses on the designing, manufacture and sales of accessories that go with Han-style clothes, fans, sachets and bags. We aim to inherit and promote Chinese tradition in an innovative way through our crafts.