Food Carnival


Shaanxi Province -
Master Wei Xi'An

 Master wei Xi’an cuisine, opened in central London, the heart of Bloomsbury and the restaurant is offering a Shaanxi-Xian-style food. This restaurant is opened by Ms. Wei Guirong who was a partner of "Xi'an Impressions".


Sichuan Province -
Noodle & Beer

Sichuan the Province of Gastronomy


Hunan Province -
Rice Coming Restaurant

Rice Coming, a Chinese restaurant offers all kind of food made from rice. Special handmade “Xiang” style soup rice noodle is our irresistible major food. More delicious tapas like sweet rice pancake, spring onion rice ring, crystal jelly noodle, rice ball in brewing rice wine, organic rice juice, are all made by transitional Hunan cooking style. Absolutely taste from China!”


Sichuan Province -
Jincheng Alley

The best authentic Sichuan cuisine in the town


Hubei Province - 
Chilli Legend

[Wuhan chili oil braised crayfish], the boss of our famous midnight market; [hot and dry noodles], an Internet celebrity dish of “Guo zao ” (a Wuhan word for breakfast);  [Wuhan spicy duck neck], a popular snack that has gone viral across China and you can even find them in the airports; finally, we have Wuhanese favourite summer cooling drink [sour plum juice].  All the ingredients are straight off the plane from Wuhan, because we want to bring you the most authentic taste, just like you are in Wuhan! 


Drink -

With high standard of quality, consistency, and service, CoCo has established more than 3,000 stores around the world. Using quality ingredients, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice specializes in the art and science of bubble tea production. Each beverage is handcrafted with effort from brewing of tea to handmade pudding. Tea leaves are carefully selected globally and fresh fruits are sourced locally. Tea ingredients meet and exceed the highest food safety standards and new batches of pearls are made within every four hours to maintain ultimate freshness.

Craft Market


Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Exchange Centre (UK) 

The center is a base for Hangzhou and even Chinese enterprises to enter the European market, providing a win-win platform for high-end business exchanges, creative industry cooperation, resource sharing and industrial upgrading between China and Europe.

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Yi crafts

Yi Crafts is a business offering authentic experiences of the crafts and cultural traditions of China since 2019. Its focus is on the beautiful but vanishing traditional handcrafts and cuisine of China’s minority ethnicities.

we offer traditional handcrafts workshops and products in the UK to share authentic Chinese culture through experience. We have worked with different corporations, such as Disney, V&A museum, PayPal, Spotify, Adobe and several universities, such as UCL, Birmingham City University, and Columbia University etc, to bring cultural handcrafts into people’s daily life


Yun Gui Han Fu

Yun Gui Hanfu is a London business focusing on clothing and accessories inspired by traditional Chinese culture, aesthetics and craftsmanship. But also keeping it in line with the modern city lifestyle inspired by local Londoners.



CaiGuoTang is a creative private kitchen which located in central London. Mainly sells wagashi mix with flower art, The mainly purpose is to make people who eat wagashi feel the happiness.


We use the oldest technology to make the wagashi, add artistic design to let the wagashi more modern, vivid and interesting.


Hanfu in UK

Hanfu in UK is a Chinese Hanfu Buyers Shop founded by two Hanfu enthusiasts and content creators. We hold a range collection of Hanfu, accessories and shoes. We inspired by the Chinese traditional culture and aim to work together alone with cooperative brands to introduce the world our fascinating traditional culture.

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