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Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Exchange Centre (UK)

In September 2017, the "Hangzhou British Cultural and Creative Industry Exchange Center" was officially established in the Creative Quarter Nottingham creative park in Nottingham.

On May 25, 2018, the Hangzhou British Cultural and Creative Industry Exchange Center was officially unveiled in Nottingham. The center will become a base for Hangzhou and even Chinese enterprises to enter the European market, providing a win-win platform for high-end business exchanges, creative industry cooperation, resource sharing and industrial upgrading between China and Europe.


Dongjia APP was founded in 2015, bringing together tens of thousands of outstanding craftsmen and a large number of works, basically covering most of the industrial belt of oriental aesthetics, as well as many outstanding designers, artists, brands, and millions of high-quality users. "Dongjia Shou Artists" deeply studies how to combine oriental traditional crafts, culture and fashion, and is committed to creating the trend of oriental aesthetics.

"Dongjia Shou Artists" will mainly cover "heaven (food, raw leaf tea, Chinese wine, refreshments, etc.), earth (house, utensils, incense and elegant play, new Chinese furniture, etc.), people (decoration, jewelry, hair accessories, etc.) [including wigs], clothing, etc.), and (ceremonies, life and business gifts)” four major sections, and two series of “Tribute to Classics” and “Time-honored Brands”.In 2022, "Dongjia Shou Artists" will launch a tribute to the classic series based on the two categories of tea life (tea/tea peripherals) and jewelry to restore the classics to the greatest extent.



The beauty brand MAOGEPING was founded by the makeup artist Mr. Mao Geping in 2000. The brand adheres to the concept of light and shadow aesthetics. It provides a variety of products and color solutions for the different facial features, skin textures and complexions of oriental women. Offers tailored makeup.

In 2019, the Mao Geping brand was authorized by the Forbidden City Cultural and Creative, and successively launched the "Qi Yun Oriental" series of makeup for the Forbidden City in cooperation with the Forbidden City Cultural and Creative. "Song Feng Ya Yun" is its fourth season product. It not only produces high-quality makeup and skin care product series for consumers, but also continuously integrates traditional Chinese culture into the brand culture, and organically integrates the brand and traditional culture. Maogeping uses fashion and beauty to spread the essence of Chinese history and culture. From the three-dimensional embossed Panlong lipstick and emerald eye shadow of the "Sold Out King", to the high-speed discs that incorporate elements from Song Huizong's "Thousand-Character in Cursive Writing" and "Bamboo Map with a White Head", they are highly sought after by young consumers and are praised by fans. In order to "reluctant to use the series", it detonated the exploratory dissemination of Chinese culture on social media such as Xiaohongshu and Weibo, and also allowed the brand to quickly break through in the domestic beauty makeup, consolidating its status as the number one brand of domestic beauty makeup.



Zhejiang Dongtu Cultural and Creative Company is a local cultural enterprise rooted in Longquan, the hometown of celadon. Relying on the 1700-year history and culture of Longquan celadon, "human intangible cultural heritage" and other unique resources, we are engaged in the research and development, production and sales of Longquan celadon products with a professional attitude. And derived a series of special services around celadon.It owns the brand of life utensils "Dongtu". The brand has attracted a group of young and native celadon ware designers since its inception. They put their artistic ideas and passions on the ancient art celadon, and integrate modern, fashion and other innovative elements into the porcelain craftsmanship. So that celadon is no longer just a taste-level treasure, but also a living utensil integrating art and practicality.


WENSLI was founded in 1975, inherits and promotes Chinese silk culture, combines traditional silk with cultural innovation and high technology, and develops silk cultural products, high-end silk ornament and silk artworks based on traditional silk fabrics and silk garments...
With industry-leading silk double-sided printing process, WENSLI has established strategic cooperation with many world famous luxury brands in silk printing and fabric design.


 Longguan Celadon

Longquan kiln is the last famous celadon kiln formed in the history of Chinese porcelain industry. Its cultural connotation is rich and its production scale is extremely spectacular. It is a model of cultural exchange and integration between the two major porcelain industries in the north and the south. It is the historical assembly of the development of Chinese celadon craftsmanship.

Pingjia Fan

Pingjia Fan Art is led by Zhao Pingjia, the representative inheritor of the first batch of intangible cultural heritage, the leader of Hangzhou fan, the master of arts and crafts in Zhejiang Province, and the senior arts and crafts artist. The company mainly deals in high-end Wenwan folding fans, white paper fans, black paper fans, Hangzhou painting fans, craft fans, and characteristic paper-cut fans. Fan art is protected by the national key skills, and has been rated as one of the top 200 industries with potential characteristics in Hangzhou by the government. His works have won more than 60 national provincial and municipal awards in successive years, and many works have been collected by the National Museum. Fan Art has participated in international cultural exchanges on behalf of China for 15 times, showing the charm of traditional Chinese culture to the world.