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The only Yunan rice noodles cuisine in London

Festival Menu

Guo Qiao Mi Xian 过桥米线

Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles

Choice of Protein: Chicken/ Pork Su Rou/ Combo
The 300-year legendary Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles is served in an 8-hour soup broth, filled with rice noodles, meats, fresh vegetables and house-made condiments, finished with fragrant edible Chrysanthemum petals.

Douhua Mixian 豆花米线

Silken Tofu Rice Noodles

Kunming gourmands’ favourite street food dish. Layered with warm silken tofu, simmered pork mince, Chinese chives, YUN pickles and crushed peanuts. Smooth, spicy and savoury.

Xiao Guo Mixian 小锅米线

Yunnan Small Pot Rice Noodles

Spicy and flavourful rice noodles served with the 8-hour soup broth. Cooked in a traditional Yunnan copper pot with special sauced pork mince, fresh tofu, mushrooms, Chinese chives, YUN pickles and YUN chilli oil.


Jelly Noodle Salad Liang Fen凉粉

Jelly Noodle Salad

Made with pea starch with crystal appearance and taste smooth and cool. Featured by the spicy taste. If you feel sad, go and taste it, then your sadness will go with wind since it is too spicy so that all the feeling you have is spicy taste.

Langya Tudou 狼牙土豆

Langya Chilli Potato

Fried potato, dressed with YUN special chilli sauce, and tossed with fresh coriander and spring onion.

Rose Ice Jelly 玫瑰冰粉 

Rose Ice Jelly

Ice jelly made from organic papaya seeds, served in fragrant rosy brown sugar syrup made from organic Yunnan roses, and garnished with crunchy peanuts, dried raisins, and dried hawthorn.


YUN Restaurant

comes from YUNNAN, China. It is the one of the most important province of CHINA, located in the Southwest. Rice noodles, or (Mixian) in Chinese, is the ubiquitous dish in Yunnan. Whether forbreakfast, lunch, dinner or in between - rice noodles are eaten in all sorts of variants. As a cold snack insummer, in a spicy hot soup or as a classic noodle dish with meat and vegetable toppings.

Crossing-Bridge Rice Noodle is one of the most famous and well known cuisines not only in Yunnanbut across the whole China. The dish was inspired by an historical love story for 200 years. "Crossing-Bridge-Rice Noodles" with Chrysanthemum (Juhua Guoqiao Mixian). The warming, flavour-packed Mixian dishes are built from combinations of nutritious 8 hours soup broth, meats, vegetables, herbs and house-made condiments such as chilli oil and seasonal pickles, and finally adding the petals of edible chrysanthemum to give it a very refreshing taste.

The most important part of it is the nutritious soup broth, for which we have travelled many cities in Yunnan and tried out all different kind of soup and finally came to our unique recipe with pork bone, pork belly, matured hen, duck, and Italian 24month matured Parma Ham after 8 hours of slow-cook to create the special soup taste.

YUN-the Cross Bridge Rice Noodles(MIXIAN) is our first independent Chinese Yunnan cuisine and culture brand that we are bringing to London. We are marrying the traditional flavour of Chinese food, with cutting edge design & healthy concept.

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