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Taiwan fresh fruits tea

Festival Menu
YiFang Fruit Tea
Passionfruit Green Tea
Plum Green Tea
Winter Melon Tea
Grass Tea

China Town
104 Shaftesbury Ave,
London W1D 5EE

Monday - Sunday
12pm - 10pm

Old Spitalfields Market
16 horner Square
London E1 6EW

Monday - Friday
11:30am - 7pm
11:30am - 6pm
11:30am - 5pm

Moor Street, Soho
13 Moor Street,London
LondonW1D 5EQ

Sunday - Thursday
12pm - 10pm
Friday - Saturday
12pm - 11pm





The epitome, historical memory, and local conditions and customs of earlier Taiwan are all condensed in a cup. Only the fruits in season are applied. No concentrated juice will be added as seasoning. People can taste the natural fresh and sweet of fruits.

The fresh of the fruits include the local conditions and customs of the Treasure Island as well as the effort and faith of farmers.

All the ingredients come from Taiwan. We insist MIT (Made in Taiwan) and reproduce the traditional and classic taste.