Hanfu Culture


UK Han Culture Association

UK Han Culture Association (UKHCA) is a registered charity (No.1173700) aiming at preserving and reviving the traditional Han Chinese Clothing Hanfu and its culture excellence. It celebrates the traditional Han festivals: Chinese New Year, Huazhao festival, Duanwu (Dragon Boat) festival, Mid-Autumn (Moon cake) festival and so on; it provides new member inductions on the Hanfu clothing system, and the creative ways of blending the traditional Han culture into the modern English way of living.

The UK Han Culture Association will be offering the following activities at the Chinese Food Festival: Hanfu hiring, wearing and make-up experience, traditional game Tou Hu, traditional dessert and tea tasting, traditional items such as fans for sale, performances: Hanfu Show, Children singing the old literacy, Classic Dance, Guqin Instrument playing. 


Write to the Chair Ms Ding Ding at dingdingchina@hotmail.com

 Hanfu is the traditional clothing of the Han Chinese - the major ethnic group in China. It is a significant cultural symbol of the Chinese civilization, and it has had a long history since the Chinese culture originally began to form: the earliest word recording of Hanfu is more than 2000 years ago, but tales of Hanfu can be traced back to the great saga King Huangdi era). Hanfu was strictly banned along with other Han traditions after the nomadic nation Manchu in the north of China has established the Qing dynasty in 1645. However Hanfu is still an inseparable element in China’s culture identity. Began in 2003, the Hanfu revival movement is a culture Renaissance in modern day China mainly led by highly-educated youngsters. By bringing back Hanfu, this movement is aiming at eventually reaching an overall revival of the traditional Han Chinese Culture.