Chilli Legend

Authentic Wuhan chilli food

Wuhan is a city for real foodies!  There is a unique smell that pervades the streets of the summer river town - “zui chan”(literally: mouth drool).  We are serving [Wuhan chili oil braised crayfish], the boss of our famous midnight market; [hot and dry noodles], an Internet celebrity dish of “Guo zao ” (a Wuhan word for breakfast);  [Wuhan spicy duck neck], a popular snack that has gone viral across China and you can even find them in the airports;finally, we have Wuhanese favourite summer cooling drink [sour plum juice].  All the ingredients are straight off the plane from Wuhan, because we want to bring you the most authentic taste, just like you are in Wuhan! 

Festival Menu

Wuhan chili oil braised crayfish
Wuhan hot and dry noodles
Wuhan spicy duck neck
sour plum juice


Tuesday - Sunday
12pm - 10pm


Copyright @China National Tourist Office

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Wuhan, Hubei Province

Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, is a key city in Central China, and an important base for industry, technology and education nationwide. Wuhan is the largest transportation hub in inland China. With dozens of waterways and lakes passing through the city and connecting with each other, Wuhan has a water surface area one fourth of its total land area, and is traditionally known as the "City of Rivers".


Copyright @China National Tourist Office

Copyright @China National Tourist Office

As the birthplace of Chu culture, Wuhan is also classed as a National Famous Historical and Cultural City. Panlongcheng, located just north of Wuhan, was built in the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC-1046 BC), with a history of about 3,500 years.

In Wuhan, treat yourself to a bowl of Re-gan-mian (hot noodles with sesame paste), visit the fascinating cherry blossoms in Wuhan University, take in the natural landscape of the city’s lakes and waterways, and experience the cultural excellence of Chu... This is without doubt the only way to really get a feel for Wuhan’s unique charm.