Chilli Legend

Authentic Wuhan chilli food

Festival Menu

Wuhan chili oil braised crayfish
Wuhan hot and dry noodles
Wuhan spicy duck neck
sour plum juice


Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 10pm



Wuhan is a city for real foodies!  There is a unique smell that pervades the streets of the summer river town - “zui chan”(literally: mouth drool).  We are serving [Wuhan chili oil braised crayfish], the boss of our famous midnight market; [hot and dry noodles], an Internet celebrity dish of “Guo zao ” (a Wuhan word for breakfast);  [Wuhan spicy duck neck], a popular snack that has gone viral across China and you can even find them in the airports;finally, we have Wuhanese favourite summer cooling drink [sour plum juice].  All the ingredients are straight off the plane from Wuhan, because we want to bring you the most authentic taste, just like you are in Wuhan!